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Frequently Asked Questions

NW Pasty is a delivery- and pick-up-based restaurant located in South Lake Union. We’re dedicated to getting you hot pasties and cold drinks. Before ya reach out to us with a question, see if we’ve addressed it, here.

How do I order delivery?

The best (and least expensive) way is to download the NW Pasty App from the Apple Store (IoS) or Google Play (Android) — COMING SOON. But since you're already on our site, it's just as good to order right here from any of the [ Order Now ] buttons on this site.... there's even one on this page.

Sure, we're on DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub, and LakeUnionEats but ordering through them'll cost ya (<whispers...> and us) more. Save us both some coin and order from here.

What's your minimum order quantity?

I dunno, not feeling too hungry? I suppose if ya just wanted a Jones Cola, we could get that to you. Is that worth a delivery fee? Maybe. But you'd be a happier individual if you ordered at least one of our signature pasty packs. I mean, they're sold in 2-pack minimums; just eat one... at least try a dessert pack.

What can I get with my pasty?

For starters, we've got sides: broccoli & cheese, mashed potatoes & gravy, onion rings, cole slaw, chips, etc. But you can also get wings, dessert, and Jones' soda. And, if you're looking for more meal-like items we offer calzones and pita pizzas.

Do you sell full-size pasties?

Ya know, we did. But folks gave much feedback that each was more than a meal, and most people ended up splitting one (or saving 1/2). SO, we made that all easier and cleaner with the 2- or 3-pack structure. Enjoy it! We gotta agree; it's nice to enjoy one for now and have a one or two for later or for sharing. 

Are pasties all you do?

Nope! We've got calzones (in the 6" size like our pasties) and we now have 7" pita pizzas. Plus we have wings, sides, desserts, and such. Check out our menu.

What's with that hill?

Heh, we know... it's a bear. But this IS Seattle. Think of it this way; you'll have worked up a bigger appetite when you get here.

Can I track my order on the way?

Yep. Just go with the regular tracking options on whatever delivery app you used (including ours).

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