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It’s true. You’d be hard-pressed to find one of these hearty pies around Seattle. OK, there might be a couple of options at a local Irish/British pub or two. But we gots the market on pasties with our robust menu and rapid delivery. Ain’t nobody putting this much heart and focus into gettin’ them pasties out there.

  • Meat Pies
  • Veggie Pies
  • Dessert Pies

Plus, we have:

  • Calzones
  • Pita Pizzas
  • Wings
  • Sides

Our team comes from various backgrounds (tech, academia, food worlds, art, brand, UX…), but the common thing we share is a love of being in the kitchen and providing unique pasties to the area.

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Bringing you the best traditional and modern pasties delivered

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Unique recipes

We collected your faves (and a few of ours) to create our menu

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We're open late Fri & Sat!

Yep, it might be a bit too late for us. But we figure you get home late these nights… clubbing, bar crawling, showing visiting folks the Seattle scene… whatevah. You’re home now, and ya have a hankering for some hearty eats. We got ’em.

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Some Facts About Us

Food Comes First

We're in this for the food —  bringing it to you hot, hearty, and tasty as all get out.

Signature Recipes

Sure, there's the classic (Fleetwood), but we've come up with some seriously unique pasties, no?

The Whole Experience

We're mighty dedicated to giving you an über-positive experience — search to order to consumption.