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Original, hand-crimped pasties and pies — hearty and tasty as all get out. 

We now offer Vegan and Gluten-free options!

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What's a pasty?!

A Pasty — rhymes with nasty (ya know… ’cause “PAY-stees” are decorative nipple wear) — is a hand-held meat pie (we’ve got veggie options, too). It originates in Cornwall, England, where miners used to eat them holding that handle with their grubby mits, so as not to eat coal and such on their hands. Packed with meat, veggies, sauces, and stuff, check out our menu and pick a fave… or three.

Man hands holding cornish pasty, meat turnover or pie, with filling, beef, carrot, and potato, or empanada.
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From Cornwall with an American Twist

The (Cornish) pasty may have originated in Cornwall but we’re bringing it to the Pacific Northwest with a new take on the ingredients. We use quality salmon, steak, chicken, English sausages, and a slew of veggie options to offer Indian, Italian, Filipino… hell, we’ve even got a Spam Pasty, and yes, we certainly have the traditional Cornish-style pasty.

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